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In this section, learn more about the MRN, our facilities in Porto Trombetas and the benefits of being one of our employees.​​​​​​​​​


Why work at MRN?

Why work at MRN?

How about combining professional development, excellent working environment with the strength and experience of a large company?  If this is what you seek, come to work at Mineração Rio do Norte. We, of MRN, seek to promote human and professional development in an atmosphere of respect and credibility. We provide excellent opportunities for improvement, with the development of technical and behavioral skills of our professionals.

In the selection process, we value both our internal and external talents, always in search of the best professionals. For such, we use techniques and tools that allow us to better understand profiles and act assertively on talent and career development.

We have a varied and attractive policy of benefits, consistent with the pattern of the mining market. Some of the benefits we provide include: food, housing, medical service, hospital and dental services, training courses, profit sharing, amongst others.
Today, we have in our staff more tahn 80% of employers from Pará State, about 2% from the other northern states, and about 12% from other Brazilian states. This reflects our commitment to enhance and develop the local workforce.
The professionals who work with us come from different academic backgrounds, from the technical to university level, as well as specific training areas of the mining sector.

Selection Process

We seek motivated and competent professionals. Recruitment is done by the Human Resources department of the company and, in specific cases, by a contracted agency.

Send your resume

Send your resume

Click here to see the vacancies that are open and apply for them.If you prefer, you can also send your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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