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Control Program of the Occupational Health Medical

Main beneficiaries: MRN's employees.

In this program are included all the company's health initiatives related to worker health, such as the Fatigue Management Program, Hearing Conservation Medicine and the traveler.

Through the Program for Medical Control of Occupational Health (PCMSO) performed the clinical examinations related to the role and risks identified in the professional tasks. Tests conducted by occupational MRN are appropriate depending on the type of occupational exposure identified.

Also part of the additional tests PCMSO health promotion in search of dyslipidemia (increased fats in the blood, especially cholesterol and triglycerides) and blood glucose changes.

The Hearing Conservation Program is coordinated by a speech therapist and includes training, statistical controls and individualized actions. Have Medicine Program evaluates traveler destinations in advance the situations, in situations of international travel for work and makes recommendations according to each individual target - from clothing, vaccinations, general care of food, to information about signs and symptoms and prophylactic medication, if necessary.

The Ergonomics Program is closely related to the project Fit for Life. Fit For Work, and is supporting the decision to invest in the company health and safety.

Also as PCMSO actions, performed technical visits to check working conditions, including occupational hygiene, work organization, layout and biomechanics, as well as lectures and control of absenteeism.​​​​​​​

Several specialties in one place
Several specialties in one place

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