Health in MRN

The health of our employees is treated seriously and comprehensively. To ensure the quality of life at work and off work, we observe all aspects that can somehow influence the health and impact on the safety of people.

Our health initiatives are constantly renewed. We are always thinking and looking for new ways to bring health to our staffing and, consequently, we extend some of our programs to the families of our employees and to the community of Porto Trombetas. After all, successful experiences do need to be shared.

We develop several programs and projects focused on quality of life, health and welfare and go beyond what our labor legislation advocates. We operate in the context of the biopsychosocial welfare, i.e., we consider the health of our employees globally, including biological factors, such as genetic predisposition, body functioning and metabolism, among others; the psychological factors, such as emotions and fears; and the sociocultural, such as social relations, the influence of the family circle, friends, job satisfaction, etc.

So we can say that we act on two strands: the first is the Medical Control of Occupational Health, restricted to our employees, in which is inserted the Fatigue Management Program; and the second is the development of the Quality of Life Program (PQV), which includes three major projects - Action & Welfare, Fit for Life, Fit to Work and Start Again.​

Date Created: 2008
Main beneficiaries: MRN's employees.

One of the main focus of the occupational health program of the company has been the appropriate addressing of issues involving fatigue - an aspect that affects not only people's quality of life, but also their safety in the workplace due to the high risks to professional activities.

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