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Safety Management

Occupational safety is part of our management since the early years of our operations and, over time, it has been adding more value to our way of working.

The range of activities aimed at safety in MRN is comprehensive and ranges from the job safety analysis, the elimination of risks in the workplace, to training programs.

The Company's first Safety Policy was established in 1986 and later, with the implementation of the Quality Program in 1992, we took several steps toward the maturity of this process. So, today we have a mature management that continuously reviews safety techniques and means.

Occupational safety is considered in every decision we make, as a whole, including the selection of partner companies that work with us. Not by change have we reached a level of safety performance that stands out in the Brazilian industrial sector and in the aluminum industry. In 2011, we were elected the third safest mine in Brazil by the Minérios & Minerales magazine and in previous years we received other awards for mining works carried out safely. It is another external recognition, since we are certified in the OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series. This certification, which MRN achieved in 2003, covered all areas of the company and all the contractors included in our processes.

Management – Our safety processes are managed by an exclusive department in the company, bringing together the areas of safety, health, environment and community relations. This department gathers the medical workplace safety professionals, who in turn advise the areas to identify and eliminate risks and to carry out practical prevention-oriented actions. We understand that safety goes hand in hand with health. Being healthy for work is also a safety issue.

In our Risk Management program of the NR 22 Standard, we hold occupational hygiene practices to ensure the physical integrity of employees, thus providing subsidies for eliminating environmental agents.

All workplaces are regularly monitored and evaluated by the team of Specialized Safety Engineering and Medicine Service (SESMT) and by external consulting firms. Once these workplaces are evaluated, actions are taken to reduce employee exposure to environmental agents.

Ergonomics – All mining equipment, locomotives, reclaimers, stackers are air-conditioned and fitted with ergonomic seats.

We adopt an engineering standard to ensure that issues related to health and safety are addressed in the design. There is also a risk management program that guides actions to eliminate risk exposure.


We are amongst the safest mines in Brazil
We are amongst the safest mines in Brazil

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