Occupational Health and Safety

We invest in health and safety. This is a commitment we made to our employees and that is also reflected in the community of Porto Trombetas.

Our commitment to health goes beyond occupational medicine. And that's why we've developed programs aimed at prevention, protection and health promotion with a focus on the different needs of our employees, their dependents and the community of Porto Trombetas.

Occupational safety is part of our management since the early years of our operations and, over time, it has been adding more value to our way of working.

The range of activities aimed at safety in MRN is comprehensive and ranges from the job safety analysis, the elimination of risks in the workplace, to training programs.

The Company's first Safety Policy was established in 1986 and later, with the implementation of the Quality Program in 1992, we took several steps toward the maturity of this process. So, today we have a mature management that continuously reviews safety techniques and means.

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