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Screening Center of Wild Animals

Date started: 2012 

In order to receive, rehabilitate and return to nature animals captured in wildlife rescue plans in the areas of bauxite mining in the Saracá-Taquera National Forest, we implemented a Screening Center of Wild Animals (CETAS) in Porto Trombetas Site was licensed on February 14, 2012 by the Brazilian Institute of Environment (IBAMA).

The CETAS receives the animals captured in areas to be mined, which are debilitated or have limited mobility.

The Center aims to create animals in captivity, so their stay in the CETAS is the minimum possible. They receive treatment and are then released into the wild. Only those who do not present conditions for their release, are led to ZOOFIT (Zoo Integrated College Tapajós), an institution with which the NRM has an agreement.

The CETAS intended primarily for management of species of terrestrial vertebrates, with highlights to reptiles, amphibians and birds, and mammals of small to large.

To meet the animals, the veterinarian has CETAS and biologists and an appropriate infrastructure. There are four precincts established for the maintenance of adult specimens of reptiles, turtles, birds and mammals, and terrariums, and cages serpentários as standards of IBAMA.

The animals kept in the center are fed according to the basic needs of each species. The captive power supplies nutritional needs of each individual, attending to the demands of protein and calcium, vitamins, fiber and other requirements.​

MRN CETAS is the only one in Pará
CETAS da MRN é o único do Pará
CETAS da MRN é o único do Pará

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