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Date started: 1979

Every year, from January to May, during the rainy season in the Amazon region, we began another cycle of reforestation of mined areas. The reforestation is carried out in accordance with the bauxite mining activities, set out in our five-year plan of operations.

From 1979 to 2015, rehabilitated 5.752,37 hectares, which were planted more than 12 million seedlings of native tree species 450.

The species are produced in our Forest Nursery, which works in Porto Trombetas, and all species that are planted in the region. We also buy seeds from communities whom are located around the company.

It should be noted, though, the benefits of the various species used in reforestation. Some are producing fruit, serve as a magnet for wildlife, can be used in landscaping in the medical use or still have high commercial value, such as the hardwood. Among the species are: Brazil nut, sucupira, muruci the forest, Andiroba, rosin rose, piquiá, gombeira, acai, acapu, envira black, bitter and amapá Achua sapodilla.

The reforestation activity is designed in every detail: from the preparation area to the efficient care of the seed bank in soil. The correct fertilization and pest control in plants, for example, shows the level of detail of this process.

Until the area occupied by each plant is designed. Each species occupies an area of six square meters. This division of space at planting time, plus other technical factors of reforestation ensures proper growth of the species.

The revegetation process also includes the slope (sloping walls) of the access roads to the mines and walls of the tailing ponds. The technique used in these cases is hydroseeding. 

At work, we are today a reference in reforestation in the mining area.

These actions have generated significant results in the areas of conservation and scientific knowledge on local biodiversity.


More than 8 million seedlings planted
Mais de 8 milhões de mudas plantadas
Mais de 8 milhões de mudas plantadas
Mais de 8 milhões de mudas plantadas
Mais de 8 milhões de mudas plantadas
Mais de 8 milhões de mudas plantadas
Mais de 8 milhões de mudas plantadas

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