Rehabilitation of Mined-out Areas

Mining activities require a series of environmental care. Therefore, in the 70 we started our first actions for the rehabilitation of disturbed areas. The initiative has brought extensive experience and become a benchmark company in the industry.

Date started: 1989

Progress. The word sums up the technique used today by the company, enabling the rehabilitation of the tailing ponds - reservoirs constructed on mined areas - through reforestation.

Understand the technique used in the rehabilitation of tailing ponds requires, first, the understanding of a process that has evolved considerably in recent decades.

Date started: 1979

Every year, from January to May, during the rainy season in the Amazon region, we began another cycle of reforestation of mined areas. The reforestation is carried out in accordance with the bauxite mining activities, set out in our five-year plan of operations.

From 1979 to 2015, rehabilitated 5.752,37 hectares, which were planted more than 12 million seedlings of native tree species 450.

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