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Land Regularization Project

Date Created: 2002
Main beneficiaries: communities of Sapucuá Lake (Oriximiná).

The process of regularization of the lands of the Trombetas region, in Sapucuá Lake, in Oriximiná, is an aspiration of the population of that area. Sensitive to this need, we entered into an agreement with the National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform (INCRA), The Pará State Land Institute (ITERPA), the Rural Workers Union of Oriximiná (STRO) and the Association of Traditional Communities in the Area of Gleba Sapucuá (ACOMTAGS ) to conduct notary and occupational surveys. The initiative resulted in the enrollment in 2002 of 1,602 households in an area of 162,940 hectares.

In 2007, we took another step. We signed a new agreement in order to plan, develop and deploy Agroextractivist Settlement for the settlement of the area of collective property of the state of Pará. Our partners in this work are ITERPA, INCRA and STRO (through the Association of Traditional Communities of Area Gleba Sapucuá – ACOMTAGS).

Currently, we monitor and participate in various community activities such as meetings and campaigns held by stakeholders.


Land tenure guarantee
Land tenure guarantee
Land tenure guarantee
Land tenure guarantee

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