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Preventive Dentistry Project (PVE)

Date Created: 2004
Main beneficiaries: 80 community children from the Jamari community (Oriximiná).

The smile on the faces of the Jamari community (near Porto Trombetas) children is even more beautiful after the dental professionals of the Corporate Volunteer Program (PVE) started to provide free treatment to the community.

The project involves the improvement of the living quality of children through dental treatments provided once a month in the clinics of volunteer dentists in Porto Trombetas.

These children leave their communities by boat, in groups of 8 to 12 people, to the village. From the port, they are transported free by Cattani, another partner company to the project, to the dentist's office. The transportation of children to Porto Trombetas is guaranteed by MRN by donating 40 liters of diesel to the boat.

While waiting for the service, the children also get snacks and lunch. After the treatment, they return to the community.

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