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Assistance to Riverside Dwellers at the HPTR

Date Created: 1980
Main beneficiaries: communities of Oriximiná

The infrastructure we created to meet the professionals who live in Porto Trombetas has contributed greatly to the improvement in health care also for the surrounding communities of MRN. Even before the installation of the project, the riverside were forced to travel long distances to reach the headquarters of the city to receive medical care.

The health care we provide through the Hospital of Porto Trombetas (in emergencies) and the outpatient clinic installed in the street market facilitated access for various communities. The travel time is less to the doctor and the emergency can be provided timely.

Our commitment to social development also includes a continuing program of preventive medicine and care to the population of riverside-dwelling communities through the Quilombo project.


Health closer to communities
Health closer to communities
Health closer to communities
Health closer to communities

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