Health and Safety

Ensuring health and safety is an assumption for MRN. We understand that there is no development without citizenship and without quality of life.​​​​​

Date Created: 1999
Main beneficiaries: riverside communities of Oriximiná and Terra Santa.

By the early '90s, many of riverside dwellers living in the region around MRN suffered the consequences of lack of clean water because the supply networks of the city cannot reach remote communities. The problem is further aggravated during the dry season when the rains cease. During this period, the streams are left with very low water level, affecting the homes in the communities farther from rivers and streams, which makes access to water.

Date Created: 2004
Main beneficiaries: riverside-dwelling communities.

We developed the Malaria Control Project over a decade ago in isolated communities in western Pará. The result of this initiative is a significant reduction in the number of cases of the disease.

We assist twenty-one communities of the upper Trombetas River with a series of preventive actions, which consist in performing household sprays (on their walls and in damp and dark places), fogging (fumacê) and distribution of informational pamphlets on ways to prevent the disease.

Date Created: 2000
Main beneficiaries: communities of Oriximiná.

For eleven years now we have been partners to Fundação Esperança (Hope Foundation) and to the Municipal Health Secretariat of Oriximiná in the Quilombo Project, which has achieved satisfactory results in improving health and quality of life for maroon populations living in western Pará.


Date Created: 1980
Main beneficiaries: communities of Oriximiná

The infrastructure we created to meet the professionals who live in Porto Trombetas has contributed greatly to the improvement in health care also for the surrounding communities of MRN. Even before the installation of the project, the riverside were forced to travel long distances to reach the headquarters of the city to receive medical care.

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