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Pé-de-Pincha Project

Date Created: 2002
Main beneficiaries: communities in Terra Santa and Oriximiná.

Our partnership with the Brazilian Institute of Environment (IBAMA) and the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM) has ensured the preservation of sea turtles in the Amazon. Baby turtles, turtles and 'pitiús' are inserted annually in nature with the support of business, government, research institution and 20 communities in the cities of Oriximiná and Terra Santa.


Riverside dwellers are involved in all stages of the process: from identifying the pits of the eggs, which are taken to a nursery where they stay until they hatch, until they are released into rivers.


We, the MRN, have an important role in monitoring nests, essential for protection against natural predators and humans. At the beginning of the project, we donated boats, sterndrive engines and fuel for the communities involved. And we still maintain the donation of fuel for this monitoring activity.​

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