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Boa Vista School Support Project

Date Created: 1989
Main beneficiaries: students from the Boa Vista (Oriximiná) community.

Transportation, educational support, job training, housing and food for teachers and students and school lunches do all the difference in education. Providing this infrastructure is our commitment to the project to support the Boa Vista School.

We provide room and board for teachers in Porto Trombetas, and provide transportation for them to land and river four times a day, the village community for Boa Vista.

The provision of school meals is also our commitment. 43,000 meals are provided annually.

Through MRN, the school community has also undergone changes in behavior. We share with them practices that have worked and assist in management. The 5S program (organization) and Total Quality Management, with specific training for teachers, are good examples of the practices implemented.

The school, which provides basic education up to the 4th grade, has ten employees, including teachers and support staff, and has 148 students.


43 thousand annual meals
43 thousand annual meals

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