There is no future without education. And without education there is no sustainability. As a sustainable company, we invest in the education of children, teenagers and adults in the region where we operate.

Date Created: 2002
Main beneficiaries: schools, day care and the hospital of Terra Santa.

The contact with the land for the production of inputs is a reality in almost all towns in the rural areas of Pará. in Terra Santa, within the circle of influence of MRN in western Pará, is not different. In addition to securing livelihoods, generating income and securing small producers in their own cities, the practice of agriculture is part of the popular culture.

Date Created: 2003
Main beneficiaries: communities of Faro, Terra Santa and Oriximiná.

Citizenship. That is our objective in supporting the Digital Inclusion project in partnership with local governments of the municipalities in our area of influence. With funding from the MRN, computer rooms were built in Faro, Terra Santa and Oriximiná.

Date Created: 2009
Main beneficiaries: students in the city of Terra Santa.

To participate in the project, attending school is mandatory. Students have school performance accompanied by coordination of physical education of the Terra Santa City Board. That is how the Sports in Town project works, developed by MRN through the Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP) "De Peito Aberto" and partnership with the City Board of Terra Santa.

Date Created: 2001
Main beneficiaries: students of the Boa Vista community (Oriximiná).

The Project to Support Formal Education is another initiative of MRN with a focus on education. When students create opportunities in the community to continue their studies in Porto Trombetas, at school Professor Jonathas Pontes Athias, we contribute to the strengthening of citizenship and social development.

Date Created: 1989
Main beneficiaries: students from the Boa Vista (Oriximiná) community.

Transportation, educational support, job training, housing and food for teachers and students and school lunches do all the difference in education. Providing this infrastructure is our commitment to the project to support the Boa Vista School.

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