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Power Generation

The electrical energy that supplies the urban village of Porto Trombetas, as well as the company's operations, is produced by two thermoelectric power plants, which use fuel oil as a primary source of energy. Together, the two plants have an installed power rating of 60.6 MW (60.6 million Watts).

The Generation Plant I operates with four power generators: two Mirrlees k9 Major with four 4,200kW Brush generators, and two Pieltick / Ishibras PC 2-5L engines equipped with 3,200 kW Toshiba generators. The installed capacity of this power plant is 14,800 kW.

The Power Plant II, which has a 45,800 kW installed rated power, is equipped with five 9,160 kW MAN B & W 9L 48/60 with ABB generators.

The distribution of electrical energy for the urban village and to the operations of the MRN is done through 13.8 kV distribution networks. The Port and the Mine are interconnected by two 60kV transmission lines, 35 km long each, operating in parallel.​​

Plant Control Room
Sala de controle da usina
Sala de controle da usina

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