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Bauxite is a reddish-colored rock, formed through laterization processes (transformation of minerals through climate action in a tropical climate) and made up of aluminum oxides (gibbsite), iron (goethite and hematite), titanium (anatasium) and clayey minerals (kaolinite). Its name is derived from the place where it was observed for the first time - Les Baux (France), by the geologist Pierre Berthier, in 1821.​​​​

The Aluminium Chain

Brazil is the world’s sixth largest producer of primary aluminum, and the fifth largest exporter of this non-ferrous metal, but is one of the leaders in bauxite reserves. In our country we have the third largest reserves on the planet, located in the Amazon region where we at MRN operate. We are behind only Australia and Guinea.

That is why for more than three decades Rio do Norte Mining has occupied one of the major positions in the aluminum chain in Pará, as the supplier of raw material for producing this metal. We have the infrastructure and production capacity necessary for supplying the local and international markets.

The Aluminium Chain

We are one of the largest industrial projects in the Amazon and are part of the enormous mineral complex that places Pará among the major mineral producing states.

In the Pará mineral complex, besides MRN, there are: Hydro Alunorte, headquartered in Barcarena; Albras Aluminum S.A, producer of primary aluminum and also located in Barcarena; Hydro Paragominas, a bauxite producer in southeastern Pará; and Alcoa, also a bauxite producer, located in Juruti.

Now you know why we are here and how important our work is for the economy and for society.


The bauxite we produce is largely destined towards supplying the domestic market. In Brazil, we supply the Alunorte (PA) and Alumar (MA) refineries, and outside of Brazil, markets in the United States, Canada, China,Europe and South America.

In 2015, we produced 18.0 million tons of bauxite. Of the sales total, were destined for the domestic market 49,4% and 51,6% for overseas.

Aluminum in your life

Aluminum is the third newest metal used in industry. It is present in a variety of products we use in our daily lives. Check out our photo gallery and see how the bauxite we produce is related to your life.

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The paths of Bauxite


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