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We are the largest Brazilian producer of bauxite, the raw material for aluminum. A company formed by an association of domestic and foreign companies that has been in operation since 1979 in the Amazon, in the western region of Pará state. Our business is to lift, beneficiate and sell bauxite.

Our values are safety, health, environment and sustainability. Our commitment is to generate economic development with respect to man and nature.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to produce and supply bauxite ore in full compliance with quality specifications, ensuring customer satisfaction and return on investment for our shareholders while maintaining a relationship of sound respect for man and nature.

Vision Statement

Being an economically sound company, reaching levels of performance that are consistent with the best operations in the world and supported by the principles of public and social responsibility.


  • Adopt a participatory and transparent management model as a means of administration.
  • Respect the environment by establishing measures for preventing and controlling all forms of pollution, developing and applying technology aimed at the disposal, utilization and minimization of waste, and implementing reclamation actions for areas impacted by the operations.
  • Provide healthy, safe and comfortable work environment for its employees and those employees of contracted companies.
  • Maintain an organizational atmosphere where credibility and respect to people are permanent and spontaneous.
  • Facilitate communication with its stakeholders in order to strengthen and preserve its image.
  • Value its human resources by promoting continuous professional and personal development.
  • Make rational use of its ore reserves, thus ensuring its existence.
  • Promote proper treatment for all risks of the organization in order to minimize them.
  • Contribute to the local socioeconomic development through activities and programs in the areas of income generation, health, environment and education.

MRN´s Shareholding Structure

We are a privately held corporation consisting of eight shareholding companies.

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