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The first bauxite deposits in the Amazon, located in the easternmost portion of the State of Pará were discovered during the 1960s. Because of that, the Alcan do Brasil Group established Mineração Rio do Norte S.A. (MRN). 


Discovery of Bauxite in the Amazon.


Mineração Rio do Norte was established and discovered bauxite deposit in the Saracá plateau, in the Amazon.


Alcan decides to deploy the project to a level of 1 million tonnes / year.


Nationalization of bauxite from Guyana. CBA, Kaizer and Pichiney visit Trombetas. CVRD wants to participate with 51% of national capital in the Project. Project Trumpet is restructured to 3.35 million tons.


SUDAM approves project to a level of 2 million tons and requires industrialization. Alcan paralyzes works claiming high cost of investment. In December, the agreement between Alcan and CVRD is signed for project restudy.


Alcan / CVRD and borrowing partners close agreement, in September. CBA defines its 10% equity interest in November.


Founded the International Bauxite Association. The shareholders agreement for the restructuring of MRN was signed with 51% of the shares, Vale's stake with 41% and Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio (CBA) with 10% and seven foreign companies with the other 49%.


Approved the implementation of Project Trombetas to a level of 3.35 million tons / year. Resumption of the works of implantation of the project and construction of the urban nucleus of Porto Trombetas.


Beginning of mining activities in April. In August, shipment of the first bauxite cargo from MRN on the Cape Race vessel to Canada with 21,054 tonnes. In September, Decree No. 84,018 was signed creating the Trombetas River Biological Reserve.


Production of 6 million tons. Inaugurating the Data Processing Center, with modern equipment and satellite communication systems. Price agreement with foreign buyers puts an end to price arbitrage.


Beginning of the recovery work on Lake Batata.


The Total Quality Program was launched at MRN, through which the company promoted the adaptation of its safety program to this working philosophy.


Entry of Alcoa as shareholder of MRN. Acquisition of US $ 17 million of Alcoa and Billiton Metais Cruz Alta bauxite deposits of 200 million tons of bauxite.


The second bauxite mine, which has been installed at about US $ 65 million, is operational.


At the end of the year, the re-vegetation of the first reject tank was completed in a total of 25 hectares planted through the hydroseminate process.


Start of construction of the new thermoelectric power generation plant. Renewed, on the same basis, for a new period of 20 years the contracts of sale of bauxite signed in 1979, due on 12/31/99.


Approved the expansion project that raises production to 16.3 million tons of bauxite. Inaugurated the House of Memory. Alunorte increases its share capital by $ 126 million.


Porto Trombetas receives ISO 14001 certification. Certification recognizes the excellence of the environmental management system practiced by MRN. The standard also includes the administrative and operational activities of the company, as well as the urban center of Porto Trombetas.


Production capacity jumped from 11 million tonnes / year to 16.3 million, consolidating the way for the company to reach its current production capacity of 18 million tonnes / year. Obtaining the OHSAS 18001 Certification.


Record production is broken with 18.1 million tons of bauxite produced at the end of the year.


Company completes 30 years of operation and reaches the mark of 8 million trees planted in its process of reforestation of mined areas.


MRN starts operations at the Bela Cruz Mine whose production capacity is about 11 million tons per year.

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