MRN takes preventive measures against Coronavirus

As a preventive measure related to the new Coronavirus (VOCID-19) pandemic declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, 2020, MRN informs that as of today, 15, some actions will be adopted in order to safeguard the health condition of its employees and their families, contracted employees and others residing in the village of Porto Trombetas.


Since the evening of last Saturday, March 14, an employee of MRN and three relatives have been in home confinement. The employee, who traveled from São Paulo to Porto Trombetas on March 2, showed flu symptoms. The company decided to adopt the health protocol related to COVID-19. The family is visited by a trained health professional twice a day and appropriate protective equipment is used. The test result will be known during the week.


As a precaution, the Executive Board of MRN determined the immediate suspension of several internal activities and in the community of Porto Trombetas for one to two weeks:

•Educational facilities (school and day care centers) shall suspend classes, as adopted in several cities throughout the country, from March 16 to 20, 2020. The same measure applies to the MEC Club and all its sports.

•The administrative teams of MRN and contractors will have to work at home, on a "home office" basis, as was decided by Vale last Friday, 13th, and other companies around the world.

•The operational areas will maintain their routine. Exceptional cases will be handled by the operation leaders with their direct employees.

•The company has also determined the immediate cancellation of events, meetings and DDS (Toolbox Meetings) in closed locations, trips and training outside the company, visits by consultants and other visitors, for the next two weeks (until March 29, 2020).


Access of people to the village of Porto Trombetas by river, land and air will be closed until the end of March. Exceptional cases will be treated individually. While aware of the possible impact of this action, the company has already developed strategies and will provide appropriate support to residing employees who are on vacation, out-of-home treatment (TFD) and travel on duty. In the case of shift workers, in their departure from and return to work, MRN has also studied alternatives and will handle it directly with the leaders and employees of these teams and the Union.


The restricted access to the village will only apply to people. The measure will not impact the logistics and delivery of objects, supplies and groceries to Porto Trombetas. Therefore, there is no risk of shortages.


In view of the above, MRN reinforces the guidelines for the care that should be taken by all the residents of and visitors to the village of Porto Trombetas, namely: avoid any activity with crowds in closed environments, such as parties and religious activities. While outdoors, also avoid any activity that generates direct physical contact, or closer than 1m (one meter), between people. In a hospital environment, avoid as much as possible exposing children, the elderly or any person, like a companion or patient, if not really necessary. Get informed about how to prevent contamination and to sanitize your hands correctly and frequently. Although being a problem of serious concern, the company advises that there is no need to panic and that all the measures being adopted do reflect the concern for the well-being of its employees.


Porto Trombetas is an industrial district in the municipality of Oriximiná, west of Pará, managed by Mineração Rio do Norte, the largest Brazilian producer of bauxite (the raw material of aluminum). By river (motorboat), it is about 2 hours away from the city of Oriximiná and about 6 hours from Santarém. The village, which has just over 6,500 inhabitants, has rooms and houses occupied by direct and indirect employees, a part of them with their families. The Porto Trombetas Hospital, which is ranked as a "low-complexity care" medical center, has 14 beds. 

MRN adota medidas preventivas contra o Coronavírus
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Saturday, 24 October 2020

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