MRN shares experiences during International Conference

The Project of Mineração Rio do Norte that supports family farming was chosen for the 3rd International Conference on Social Responsibility in Mining 2015 that was held in Antofagasta, Chile, from November 4 to 6. The Conference gathered more than 40 authors from 17 countries, mining representatives, NGOs and universities from all over the world.

Focusing on corporate social responsibility and aiming to embody the sustainable development in the business practices, the meeting was an opportunity for professionals and students to reinforce their networks and know about the extent of the social responsibility in the mining industry.

Mr. Alberto Juliê, Communities Relations Manager from MRN, represented the Company during the Conference. "Our work showed the success of the systems 'countryside without fire' and 'productivity trio' on the manioc planting in the community of Ascenção, at Lake Sapucuá", he explained.

The sustainable handling generates a more profitable production for the small farmers of Ascenção, which is more than one hour away from the Oriximiná Headquarters, where 10 families live from the manioc planting, as well as production of flour, beiju, and tucupi. The MRN Project, with the partnership of Emater (Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Company of the State of Pará), allowed the creation of a Manioc Production Chain Unit using SAFs (Agro-Forestry Systems) as methodologies. SAFs give the necessary support for the farmers regarding techniques and training, besides inputs and tools.

The results of the Project can be corroborated with a 30% increase on productivity, as well as the 25% increase on the price of the flour produced by them, improving the families' incomes. 

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