MRN is recognized as one of the best companies to work in the Amazon

For the second consecutive year, MRN was recognized as one of the best companies to work in the Amazon. The award, granted by the institution Great Place to Work, happened the night of December 7, in the city of Manaus. The ranking elected 15 companies in seven different sectors, in the states of the North region. The complete list will be published in issue # 106 of PIM AMAZÔNIA Magazine, published by Editora Balponte.

According to MRN CEO Guido Germani, "what makes a great company, first and foremost, is the extremely positive relevance for people within its own region". In 2017, the company counted on the commitment of more than 1400 direct employees, with almost 88% coming from the North region of Brazil. "This demonstrates our commitment to value and develop the workforce of the region", said Guido.

"The programs provided by MRN inspire people to seek quality of life and health, to strive for their professional qualification and to feel proud to work in a company committed to respect for the environment and focused on the development of local communities", said the Human Resources Manager, Almer Moreira.

For MRN, the award is a result of the sentiment of people such as Mr. Idilonce Galúcio, Industrial Equipment Operator for 33 years in the company: "I arrived here at the age of 21, I raised a family, my children finished their studies... In everything which was won, there was support from the company, with its commitment and seriousness. For working very happy and feeling complete here, I dream that my children can also be part of this company one day, because it is extremely responsible in everything it performs". 

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Saturday, 24 October 2020

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