MRN Cultural Circuit brings entertainment and information to 1.2 thousand kids in the City of Óbidos

The first round of MRN Cultural Circuit, held on March 28 and 29, brought knowledge and entertainment to 1.2 thousand kids of the City of Óbidos, a municipality at the western region of Pará. The project, sponsored by Mineração Rio do Norte (MRN) and performed by the Komedi Group, has promoted four performances of the play Uli Luli and Nature Guardians, a theater show imbedding the importance of the rational use of water and other natural resources.

The performances were held at Santa Terezinha Center and in the community of Vila Barbosa. "The actions foreseen for this year aim to show a reflection message to all society, focused on the rational use of water and energy, recycle need and, within this context, the importance of everyone in doing his or her part of the job" – said Mr. Alberto Juliê Monteiro de Aragão, Manager of Communities Relations Department from MRN. "We were very welcomed in all schools. The audience was delighted", said Ms. Maísa Pessoa Lopes da Silva, Events' Assistant of Komedi Group. Books with the story telling of the plays were distributed to the children.

The Municipalities of Oriximiná, Faro and Terra Santa will also be included in the MRN Cultural Circuit. Thirty performances will be played. The Project will also promote the creation of toy libraries in Óbidos, Faro and other 6 communities of Alto Trombetas. The event schedule will last until the second semester. The organizers' goal is to bring entertainment and culture for 24 thousand children. 

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Saturday, 24 October 2020

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