Learning and Cooperation set the tone between mining companies

With the goal to promote the exchange of experiences and unite strengths for the development of the Western Region of Pará, Mineração Rio do Norte (MRN) and Alcoa gathered representatives of sustainability areas from both companies to present the goals and strategies for the Sustainable Territories and Sustainable Juruti (CONJUS) Programs, from October 1 to 2, in Juruti.

During the meeting, they discussed the challenges for the sustainable development that are common to the territories in which both companies are present, and presented the Sustainable Territories Program, performed by the partnership among Imazon (Institute of Man and the Environment in the Amazon), ECAM (Amazon Conservation Team) and Agenda Pública (Public Agenda), with the financial support of MRN.

The Manager for Communities Relations from MRN, Mr. Alberto Juliê, has reinforced the positive environment of the meeting and emphasized that is paramount to know the difficulties faced by the Management Committee of CONJUS to be more accurate in the newly created Sustainable Territories Program, to be launched in July of the present year. "There is an expectation of the society for immediate results, that's why it is important to understand the most problematic points for the performance of the plan in order to avoid rework and allow more efficiency to the program."

The Sustainability Analyst from Alcoa, Ms. Viviane Penna, said that the configuration of the Sustainable Territories Program is innovative. "It's interesting this link of three institutions, each one with its own expertise, but thinking on the same page. Other positive point is the close relationship with the governmental authorities of each municipality, to allow everyone to participate in the actions".

For the President of ECAM, Mr. Vasco van Roosmalen, the occasion was an opportunity to build concrete experiences, with potentiality to be disseminated and reworked in different spheres. "We need to share the lessons learned during the implementation process in order to strengthen the other experiences", he concluded. 

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Saturday, 24 October 2020

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