Copaiba Management Project offers entrepreneurship course for community members

To help Copaiba oil collectors in the mission of developing businesses with more training, structure and fewer risks, the Copaiba Management Project has promoted an entrepreneurship workshop for its beneficiaries. The activity was held on November 11 for residents of the Jamari community. The first edition, held in September, trained residents of the Curuça-Mirim community. In all, the training counted on 34 participants.

The programming addressed concepts necessary for the day-to-day marketing of oil, such as wholesale, retail, revenue, profit, cost, end consumer, intermediate consumer and entrepreneur concept. In addition, topics such as the practices required to conduct a more efficient and profitable business, organization, cost registration, consumer profile analysis, sales locations and pricing were addressed.

Adriano Jesus dos Santos has worked with copaiba oil for eight years and report that the training was very important for him to ask questions about the sales process. "The course brought things I did not know. I learned about entrepreneurship and how to improve marketing. Now, I'll think more about putting the price on the product and give preference to sell in smaller quantities, to the retail market, which has higher profits there".

The Copaiba Management Project is part of MRN's Socio-Environmental Education Program, implemented in compliance with the requirements for environmental licensing, regulated by IBAMA.

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Monday, 19 October 2020

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